Are you frustrated with a lack of results from your blog?

Have you spent weeks, months, and even years writing content and slaving over your computer only to have little to nothing to show for it?

If you answered “yes” to any of that, you’re not alone.

Many people have started out with a great idea or passion in mind and ventured out into the wild wild west we call the internet, but after putting so much effort into their blogs and seeing little to no return, gave up.

If you’re at your wits end with not seeing the results you want, aren’t sure what you’re doing wrong, and are thinking about quitting, I say to you, there is hope.

You might have a fantastic concept, great writing style, and even an awesome looking blog (most bloggers that fail are not lacking in these areas).

Your only issue could be a lack of direction, strategy, and execution. That’s where expert blog coaching comes in.

Benefits Of A Blog Coach

Starting a new blog, or growing your existing blog isn’t easy.

But when executed correctly it can be incredibly fun, fulfilling, and prosperous!

You’ve already got the passion, the drive, and the content in your head, but here’s what a professional blog coach can bring to the table

Blog Optimization

You’re probably well-versed in the art of creating amazing content that you love and are passionate about. But truth be told, that content won’t do you any good if there isn’t any strategy behind it, people can’t find it, or it’s not something that anyone but you cares about.

That’s where blog coaching comes in.

Our coaching services will provide you with the tools that you need to take your blog to the next level. We will help you structure your blogs in a way that will help you get found, keep people coming back to read over and over again, and meet any goals that you have for your site.

Developing A Vision & Brand

Most bloggers know exactly what they care about and generally have some sense of who they are and what their blog is about. But in order to have a truly vibrant, attractive, and prosperous blog, you’ve got to build a great brand as well.

But taking the first steps and making that happen isn’t always very intuitive or easy.

We take the time to coach you through creating a thorough brand for your blog. Who you are, what you offer, your focus, and target demographic are just a part of all the things our services will provide in our coaching.

Our hope is that by the end  of our service, you will have a fun, well thought out, relateable, and unique identify formed and ready to show the world.

Technology Training

A very frustrating part of starting a new blog or developing your existing blog further can be dealing with the technical aspects that are involved.

There are so many options, services, themes, and moving parts going on, for someone who is not familiar with web and digital technology this can seem overwhelming.

But thankfully, our blog coaching is inclusive of every single aspect of creating, maintaining, and growing a thriving blog. We will help you build and develop your blog into whatever you envision. No matter what kinds of services or features you would like to build into your site.

Types Of Coaching Services

Our blog coaching covers all of the different aspects of the blogging journey that you need to be a complete and prosperous blogging professional.

Here is an overview of the primary (but by no means is this an exhaustive list) blog coaching services that we offer.

Starting Your First Blog

If you’re completely new to the internet and have aspirations of starting your own brand new blog, we can help in a big way.

We will coach you through the initial setup, strategy, post forecasting, and even the writing process. The information and services we provide are easy to understanresearch-basedsed, and actionable so that you get your new blog off to a great start from the beginning.

Every phase of starting your blog is broken down into phases and logical steps so that anyone can benefit from the services.

Full Blog Audit

If you have been writing a blog for awhile, and aren’t getting the kind of traffic, conversions, or fulfillment from your blog, then we can help get you back on track.

Part of our blog coaching service involves a full blog audit. 

This involves going over your entire website, every blog post, and discussing your blogging strategy to discover areas that aren’t working well, any opportunities, and suggestions for implementation that will help you achieve your goals in the future as well.

Sometimes, taking your blog to the next level takes a little collaboration and an expert pair of eyes.

Writing Training & Development

Writing consistently can be a daunting task if you are just getting started on your blogging journey.

Writing engaging, thorough, and awesome content can be even more challenging.

We offer personalized and action-oriented writing training and content development coaching to help you become a better writer, get more writing done, and learn how to capture people’s attention and become more engaging.

Ready To Get Started?

Get in touch through our contact page, let us know you’re interested in our coaching services and a little bit about yourself. We’ll write back and find a package and price that works best for you. Let’s do this.

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