Blogger’s Pit Stop 57

Blogger’s Pit Stop 57

The Blogger's Pit Stop

Friday, 20th January 2017

Blogger’s Pit Stop #57 – Welcome

Blogger’s Pit Stop is open from
9 pm ET(US Thur) 11 am(AUS Friday) and Closes 3 am Monday ET(US) 5

Not failed Blogger's Pit Stop

Our Pit Stop Crew

We have enjoyed the perspective that Menaka and her followers have
brought to the Blogger’s Pit Stop.

Now I want you to make welcome our newest Pit Stop Crew member, Ken. I
am sure that as a cool millennial lifestyle man that he will also add
a unique perspective.


Kenneth Marshall is currently the owner and editor
in chief of a pretty cool millennial lifestyle and career blog. He
enjoys a good steak, spending time with loved ones, and being out in
the sunshine. His main passion is creating content that inspires
others to be the absolute best versions of themselves. Professional
SEO by day, entrepreneur by night.

Kenneth/Blog / Facebook / Twitter

Crew Blogger's Pit Stop

Kathleen from Lifestyle Building Blocks: She finds
it both humbling and satisfying to write posts and to have bloggers
express their appreciation for the help and guidance gleaned from her
insight. Kathleen loves the blogger’s lifestyle, thinking outside
the box and to keep learning. She is qualified in Professional Editing
and Proofreading – specializing in eBooks.

Kathleen/Blog / Facebook
/Google+ / Twitter /Pinterest / StumbleUpon /

Janice from Mostly Blogging: Janice loves writing,
and meeting people from all over the globe who are like-minded and
supportive. The thrill and validation she gets when bloggers tell of
how she has helped them with their blogging are unparalleled. Her
posts are thorough and beneficial to her many readers who are building
their own blogs. Janice is the author
of the popular book
An Insider’s
Guide to Building a Successful Blog.

Janice/Blog / Facebook / Google+ /Twitter
/Pinterest / StumbleUpon / Instagram /

Julie and Menaka

Julie is the wife of Pauli and the mom of two
beautiful children. As a family, they have worked hard for the
lifestyle that they now enjoy. They have a successful online
business, they are entrepreneurs who teach, train, coach and are
mentors of their strategies to make more money more easily. Julie has
two blogs, one for online coaching and one for their Niche Travel Hub.
Julie is the author of the popular book The Art of Pinterest

Julie/ Blog1 / Blog2 / Facebook / Google + / Twitter
/ Pinterest / Stumble Upon / Youtube /Linkedin /

Menaka Bharathi from Simple Indian Mom is a Mom,
an Agricultural Microbiologist, and a Mompreneur. She is an Organic
Food Producer and Markets them under her own brand as SIM Organics.
She is a Parenting Consultant and believes parenting can be simple,
easy and happy.

Menaka/ Blog / Facebook / Google+ / Twitter / Pinterest / StumbleUpon / Linkedin


The Pit Stop Crew are bloggers who
collectively have significant blogging experience. We don’t
know it all!
We are willing to step out and try new things,
to think outside the box. If something does not work we move on to
more innovative solutions.

Bring your posts, they can be on any subject that is family
friendly –

Affiliate and giveaway links must have a content post with them.
(Exceptions: No direct sales or shops.)

Blogger’s Pit Stop uses Inlinkz to make your experience
smoother and quicker.

You won’t need a lot of rules, we do have some suggestions for
you –

  1. First time here, it will help you to read the Welcome post in
    the Linky, which explains the Blogger’s Pitt Stop rationale.

2. Visit some other bloggers, you may want to comment and then
leave from another page

3. Take advantage to follow/like the Pit Stop Crew, they
will follow you back
. Now when you visit other bloggers why
not follow/like them too, if after a week they have not followed back,
go and unfollow/unlike them. Take every opportunity to grow.

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Bottom Notice Board

The FEATURES from last pit stop

Blogger's Pit Stop #57 major feature

The Unexpected Reason Why You’re So Overwhelmed
by Ken

What Reward? When? How? by Dr Kathleen


Over 120 posts = 7 most clicked posts.

Blogger's Pit Stop #57 first duo feature

Lox & Avocado Toast – Breakfast on the Run
by Helen

Blogging Tips That Will Make You See – 2,051 Page
Views of a Blog Post
by Janice

Blogger's Pit Stop #57 feature

How to Make
Quick Money for Free as an Affiliate Even If You Don’t Make
by Janice

God Made You Nose to Toes by Lisa

2nd feature Blogger's Pit Stop #57

Things I Wanted
by Leanne

Do You Allow Yourself Little Luxuries? by

One feature Wreath

Wooden Hearts DIY Valentine Wreath by Mimi


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We are excited that you joined the Blogger’s Pit Stop #57 we
can’t wait to see you all on –

Blogger's Pit Stop #38 CompetitionJoin us on Friday 27th January 2017


Ken Marshall

Kenneth has a passion for web/digital marketing, stereotypical long walks on the beach, and creating great content. He is passionate about life, people, and the pursuit of happiness.

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