How To Go To A Bar Alone

How To Go To A Bar Alone

I Found Out That It’s Okay To Go Alone

I am an extrovert.

Being with other humans is my favorite thing to do.

It gives me energy, makes me happy, and calms my every working mind via the distraction method.

But today, I am doing things a little different. Ive decided to (for just the second time ever) go to a cool brewhouse in my city all by myself.

It’s a beautiful day, they have my favorite styles of beer at the moment, and it was either hangout here or wait 50 minutes in traffic to go home.

I know it may seem like its not that big of a deal to go to a bar alone to some, but for me it is one of the weirdest feelings ever. I see tons of laughing and smiley people in groups around me, and for once i am not a part of that. Its just a very tough thing for me to be comfortable with.

But, interestingly enough, I feel  completely fine. 

My beer is delicious, it’s nice and peaceful, there’s some super chill reggae bumpin in the background, and I haven’t exploded into a million pieces yet.

I guess like most everything else in my life, I was probably just overthinking and worrying for nothing. But my brain has acclimated itself now, and i’m actually enjoying myself.

I might even be able to get used to this and make it a regular thing. If you’re wanting to do the same, read on.

How To Go To The Bar By Yourself

Through my experience I have been able to put together this list for you to help easy your anxiety about solo dining excursions. Here are the only four things you need to do in order to go to a bar by yourself and have a good time:

1. Stop feeling weird about it

Yes, you don’t have twenty drunken friends with you to peak your interest every five seconds. But no, the world is not going to end. It’s alright to explore the world by yourself, and learn to enjoy and be okay with your own company.

2. Focus on yourself, not others

When you do decide to go out into public, and specifically a restaurant by yourself, focus on your own experience. If you only try and compare yourself to what others around you are doing, then you’re guaranteed to find at least one thing that you wish you were doing, and that will only ruin your mood.

Instead, take in your surroundings, reflect on your day, enjoy the food, drinks, and atmosphere of the establishment and try to relax.

3. Try your hardest to enjoy yourself

You’ve got to really want it. Sometimes being alone in a traditionally social setting can be very intimidating. Especially when there are primarily groups of people around you having a good time with each other. Be sure to encourage yourself from the very start and be proud that you were brave and confident enough to take yourself out for a great time. Allow your mind to be at peace with the situation, order yourself something good, think happy thoughts, and you will end up having a good time.

4. Enjoy your drink

Seriously. Think it over, order something tasty, drink up, and repeat. It’s that simple.

And there you have it. That’s all you have to do to enjoy your own company when you’re out by yourself. Cheers.

Kenneth D.W Marshall

Loves long walks on the beach!
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