5 Simple Steps To Achieve Any Goal

5 Simple Steps To Achieve Any Goal

Success is something we all want right?

Whether it’s getting that big Christmas bonus from your less-than-friendly boss, making varsity for the football team, losing a few pounds, or whatever.

Each and every one of us has goals, dreams, and ambitions that we want to achieve, but all too often it just seems as if they aren’t really possible. Or just out of reach. The motivation is lacking and life just keeps getting in the way.

But those thoughts don’t have to limit us, they reside in our heads, it’s only when we act on them that they hold any value.

There are tried and true ways for making those desires turn into reality people. And they aren’t some magical beans that you have to eat, and you don’t need a genie granting you 3 wishes. Just by altering a few parts of your daily routine, you can benefit greatly.

Here are the 5 relatively simple things, that if done consistently, can completely change your life for the better:

1. Form Good Habits

A habit is anything we do over and over until it becomes almost mandatory. And we are creatures of habit right? That means that we can develop both healthy and unhealthy patterns that can control and shape our lives.

This could be watching tv before you can go to bed at night,or even something like smoking. Those are bad habits, or things we do that cause more harm than good. But just like those bad habits, we can also form good ones. Like exercising before work everyday, or brushing your teeth after each meal.

Getting in the habit of forming good habits will give you the foundation necessary for success by freeing your time and thoughts up from having to deal with the negative emotions and consequences of the bad ones.

2. Make Your Goals Tangible

This just might be the most simple, but also most important item on the list.

It simply means that when you have something you want to accomplish in life, WRITE IT DOWN. Put it somewhere in the physical world around you. And put it somewhere that you will see it often. Don’t just let stay in your head or your heart, because it might get stuck there.

The concept behind this is rooted in accountability. When you have these written on your fridge, bedroom door, or bathroom mirror, you are giving yourself constant daily reminders of what you’re working towards, and that is invaluable.

3. Verbalize Those Goals

That’s right. Talk. Talk to yourself. Talk to others. Say what your goals are over and over, why you want to make them happen and that you are indeed GOING to make them happen.

This positive reinforcement is going to keep you motivated to continue on even among the darkest times. And as you get used to doing this, it will become easier to repeat these words and act on them when you aren’t always as motivated as you’d like. Saying things out loud also adds to the accountability factor.

Now that you’ve told yourself and the world, you wouldn’t want to disappoint them or yourself right?

4. Mentorship Is Important

No matter what anyone says, it’s almost impossible to become highly skilled at anything without help.

One of the quickest ways to becoming successful is finding someone or something that does what you want to do well, and copy it. This could mean reaching out to a respected person in your area of interest, or could also be as simple as reading about it. And if no gurus or senseis are available, at least take the time each day to read a quick article in your field.

Reading will also benefit your thought process and help you use information more effectively. The mentorship can come in many forms, but the main point is just that it needs to happen. Learning is key, and the more informed you are about something, the better you will be at it.

5. Believe In It

This one may seem like a no brainer, and pretty obvious, but it’s powerful.

There is nothing more poisonous to achievement than self doubt or a negative mindset. You’ve got to actively force yourself to have positive and encouraging thoughts about your dreams.

You think you can, you think you can, you think you can. Believe in your goals. Believe in yourself. Your mind will shape your reality.

Kenneth D.W Marshall

Loves long walks on the beach!
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