How To Believe In Yourself – I am, I can, I will

You Only Need These Three Things To Start Believing In Yourself

I am. I can. I will. 

It’s funny how few and far between each of those is spoken in my day to day life.

But their opposites are something I know far too well.

“You are not a real entrepreneur.”

“You can’t start your own company this young.”

“You will never be as successful as…..”

Whether it is my own self, or the self of another reminding me, I know them far too well.

I also know that those words are dangerous. They reach down into every fiber of our being and mold our psyche. Leaving behind nothing but waves of self doubt and pessimism. Two more debilitating mindsets would be hard-pressed to find. Yet that is what we deal with, regularly.

But there is a solution. A simple, but insanely powerful fix for allowing yourself to reach your full potential and prosper abundantly.

It’s those three phrases.

I am. I can. I will.

1. I am

You are a writer. You are a good mother. And you are valuable.  Why? Because you write, you love unconditionally, and you have talents and dreams that are unique to only you. There is a passion within you that is unlike any other’s before or that will come after. You can be anything, just as long as you’ve set your mind to it.

2. I can

You can finish that novel you’ve been struggling over for the last few months. You can lose those few pounds that have been burdening you. You can get into that school even though the other applicants might seem more prepared than you. Belief is a powerful force that is capable of shaping many different landscapes within your life. And belief in oneself is key.

3. I will

Lastly let’s not forget that you will. You will get through that depression you’ve been battling with. You will land the job of your dreams at the company that you want to work for. You will, especially if you say it enough.

The first person pronouns are there because your own mentality and life situations should be shaped mainly by yourself. If other’s are not contributing to them in a positive way then they shouldn’t be considered. Build good foundations by practicing positive self talk and affirmation.

Everyone should take a moment to erase the words aren’t, can’t, and won’t out of their daily vocabulary. They do far more harm than good.

Kenneth D.W Marshall

Loves long walks on the beach!
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