Dream Chasing: How To Stay Motivated & Reach Your Potential

Dream Chasing: How To Stay Motivated & Reach Your Potential

Martin Luther King’s I Have A Dream speech is one of the most inspirational speeches ever delivered.

In his speech, Dr. King discusses his dream for what he hopes America will one day become. His famous speech has inspired  many generations to chase and live out their dreams despite the obstacles they will face. Living out your dreams is as simple as getting into W.S.U (Washington State University), you just have to walk through the door.   

This article aims to equip you with the knowledge needed to go out and chase your dreams! Motivation, Inspiration and Determination are the key topics that will be discussed and outlined in this article.

Without further ado, let’s get started and get you down the path of dream chasing!

Identifying The Dream

Finding Your Dream - Find Your Passion - The Blogging Millennial

The first of several key components required to live out your dreams is identifying exactly what your dream is. Do you know exactly what your dream is? Many people could probably describe some sort of slapdashed dream they’ve thought up in a few seconds, but that’s not what i’m talking about.

Identifying what exactly your dream will allow you to actually achieve it. When identifying your dream you should ask yourself a few questions to insure the desired dream is actually of value to you.

Will Your Dream Bring You Fulfillment?

Many people believe that success and fulfillment are the same thing, but that is most definitely not the case. There are scores of people whom society views as successful, but are entirely unfulfilled in many aspects of their lives.

Just look at Kim Kardashian, whom many Americans would describe as successful. All I see is an individual who was so unfulfilled and miserable that she had to marry the one person who was more unfulfilled and miserable than herself, Kanye West.

Don’t be like Kim and Kanye, follow a dream that requires you to grow and develop your abilities. That kind of dream will bring you fulfillment.  

Why Is This Dream Important To You?

If your dream is only important to you because you want to become rich and famous then you better give up now. Fame and fortune should be of the least importance to you and your dream.

Helping others and positively impacting society while accomplishing your dream should be of great importance to you. Les Brown once said “Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours”.

Goals Goals And More Goals

Goal Setting - Figuring Out Your Goals - The Blogging Millennial

Setting and achieving goals is an essential component to transforming your dreams into reality.

You can have all the ambition in the world, but it means diddly-squat if you don’t have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish. Goals are a manifest of that vision. Goals take all of your ambition and direct it towards attaining a result. Learning how to set goals in a clear and concise manner will lead you to success. With proper goal setting techniques, you’ll be living your dreams in no time!  

I’m going to say this loud and clear so you understand…..WRITE YOUR GOALS DOWN! And put them somewhere you can see them!

I cannot reiterate enough the importance of writing your goals down. I don’t care if you have photographic memory, write those suckers down and put them somewhere you can see them everyday. The most cliche saying ever still holds true, if you can see it, then you can achieve it. Understand that and put it to practice.

When initially developing your goals, be sure to first set short-term goals that you can accomplish in a relatively quick period of time. These goals will serve as the major push that gets the Goal Snowball rolling.

What’s a goal snowball you ask? A goal snowball represents the cascading effect that occurs when you first accomplish small goals, momentum for goal achievement builds, and you find yourself accomplishing larger goals more frequently.  

Noah Kagan, famously known as employee number 30 at Facebook, has instructed online business entrepreneurs to set out to make a dollar in a week. The ideology behind this practice is that the completion of a task as minor as making one buck will give the individual a sense of accomplishment and drive them to have future successes.

America’s greatest motivator Zig Ziglar famously said  “you need to have a plan on top of the motivation because motivation without goals doesn’t get you anywhere”.

Ziglar understood that the likelihood of achieving your dreams rested upon the goals that you set for yourself. He also understood the importance of our next topic, which is Motivation.

Mastering Motivation

How To Be Motivated - Staying Motivated - The Blogging Millennial

Lack of motivation has resulted in the failure of countless dreams and new year’s resolutions.

Learning how to get motivated and more importantly, staying motivated, is key when in pursuit of your dreams.

Here are  a couple of quick tips to help maximize your dream chasing ability:

Motivation is like changing your underwear, it’s recommended that you do it daily.

Constantly feeding yourself many different forms of will nourish your desire to chase your dream. Listening to motivational music, watching motivational movies, as well as reading and listening to motivational materials are all great ways to get your daily dose of motivation.

My reliable source of motivation is derived from a lengthy Youtube playlist filled with plenty of motivational videos. Anytime I start to feel my motivation fade, I watch videos and absorb the content. Words cannot describe how influential those videos have been in shifting my mindset from a can’t do to an anything is possible mindset, which makes a huge difference in the quest for achieving your dreams.

Compiling this playlist has led to my discovery of some very inspiring and influential motivational speakers. A few of my favorites include Les Brown, Eric Thomas, and Tony Robbins. If you have not heard of or seen any these master motivators speak, stop reading this article and go check them out, seriously, right now.

This video by Les Brown will have you hooked (Ctrl + click it, then come right back)

Holding yourself accountable and staying committed to your goals.

Most people don’t achieve their dreams because they don’t hold themselves accountable to their commitments.

Basically what i’m saying, is that most people are lazy. Laziness is a sickness that will result in the death of your dreams.

Commitments are made before the going gets tough, which is why they’re so easy to make. However, keeping these commitments is difficult because obstacles and roadblocks will inevitably arise.

Most people don’t understand that these obstacles and roadblocks are part of the process of achieving our goals.

Nelson Mandela faced many setbacks in his pursuit of equal rights for all South African citizens, including being imprisoned for 27 years! But what would make a man give up many years of his life in unjust imprisonment?

His dream.

He held himself accountable and remained committed to his dream, which he knew he could accomplish if he remained true to his commitments.

Nelson Mandela’s inspirational story brings us to my third and final point, whatever you do, don’t stop pursuing your dream.

Determination: Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

Determination - Sticking With Your Goals - The Blogging Millennial

If your dream actually means anything to you, you must never stop chasing it.

There are going to be times when you feel like the whole world is stacked against you and that overcoming obstacles is impossible, but that’s just part of the process. Many of the world’s most successful individuals have all had their moments of doubt while pursuing dreams, but they continued to pursue them despite all of the adversity they faced.

Understand that in order to accomplish your dreams, “quitting” cannot be a part of your vocabulary. No one demonstrates this idea better than Thomas Edison. We’ve all heard the story about how he unsuccessfully tried thousands of methods before  finally creating the light bulb. When asked about all of his failures, he responded “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that don’t work”.

I would have for sure stopped after the 6,789 th attempt, but Thomas Edison didn’t and as a result he was able to revolutionize the way humans illuminated their world.

Edison possed a mindset fixed on persistence. Webster’s dictionary defines persistence as “the quality that allows someone to continue doing something or trying to do something even though it is difficult or opposed by other people.”

Adopting a persistent mindset is key when in the pursuit of your dreams.

Legendary college football coach Lou Holtz coined the acronym W.I.N, which stands for What’s Important Now. He used this philosophy to teach his players how to accomplish their dreams and goals by asking themselves what’s important now multiple times daily.

Incorporating the W.I.N philosophy into your life can help you direct your focus on your dreams and goals when the going gets tough.

The Truth Is In The Pudding

Staying Consistent With Chasing Your Dreams - The Blogging Millennial

The dreams you have always wanted to achieve are possible, but will require you to incorporate the strategies and philosophies outlined throughout this article into your everyday life.

Important things to take away:

  • Inspiration: Identifying the inspiration for your dream and setting goals that will help you achieve your dream.
  • Motivation: Keep yourself motivated daily, enjoy the process, and remember to focus on accomplishments not failures.
  • Determination: Whatever you do, don’t quit, stay persistent and focus on W.I.N.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes about dreams from Les Brown, he says: “The graveyard is the richest place on earth, because it is here that you will find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled, the books that were never written, the songs that were never sung, the inventions that were never shared, the cures that were never discovered, all because someone was too afraid to take that first step, keep with the problem, or determined to carry out their dream.

Don’t let fear or lack of determination keep you away from your dreams, now go out there and get chasing!

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  1. This is very well written and lays out some excellent truths. I have a sign posted on my fridge saying “Just Do It” because I spent too much time just thinking about doing it. I’ve increased productivity with that sign. Thank you for sharing this at the Linky party.

    1. Hey Lee,

      You’re very welcome. I’m glad the post was useful for you! I’ve personally always loved that slogan and have tried to live my life in a similar fashion as well. Thanks for reading!

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