Build Your Self-Esteem With These 5 Quick To Implement Techniques

Build Your Self-Esteem With These 5 Quick To Implement Techniques

How Do I Increase My Self Esteem?

Great question.

Low self-esteem affects almost everyone at some point. But it isn’t to be taken lightly, as it can negatively affect mental health. It can cause you to make bad decisions that lead to poor health, limit your development, and decrease the likelihood of significant relationships.

Having a good foundation of confidence and respect for yourself and your abilities is necessary to live a fulfilling lifestyle.

The hard part is building that esteem back up or creating esteem that has never existed. So here are 5 easy to implement techniques to help you realize your potential and start enjoying who you are a little more:

Self Esteem Building 101:

  1. Make a list of positive affirmations and say them out loud every morning. Even if you’re the one telling yourself these things, it’s good to hear them out loud and be a part of your world, not simply stuck in your mind.
  2. Keep a journal of all of the accomplishments that you make on a weekly basis. Life is tough, and it can be difficult to see any good amongst all of the bad. So having a reminder of the good aspects that you can regularly refer back to goes a long way.
  3. Get a hobby. Something you are passionate about and that will give you a sense of fulfillment. Your hobby can be a shining light of encouragement and joy in moments where the rest of your life isn’t going so well. It’s healthy to have something to look forward to apart from all of the normal responsibilities.
  4. Give back to others. This can be volunteering, donating to a charity regularly, or complimenting a stranger. That helps build a sense of purpose in yourself and it is incredibly rewarding to receive gratitude from impacting someone else’ life.
  5. Pull out a list of your contacts on your phone and delete anyone who makes you feel bad regularly. If they don’t build you up they are tearing you down. Do the same for social media “friends”. Having a healthy environment is a crucial step to self-improvement.

You owe it to yourself to be proud of who you are and live a life filled with purpose. Building up your self-esteem to a healthy level is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Much luck on your journey!

Ken Marshall

Kenneth has a passion for web/digital marketing, stereotypical long walks on the beach, and creating great content. He is passionate about life, people, and the pursuit of happiness.

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