Just One of Those Days

Just One of Those Days

It’s been a very odd week for me.

Usually i’m up early, bouncing off the walls, and ready for anything and everything the world has to throw at me. I’ve got a million and a half things going on at all times and that’s how I like it.

But for the past four days or so I have been completely the opposite. I’ve been feeling pretty lethargic, kind of unmotivated, and just downright lazy at times. It’s almost like the sandman and father time teamed up and are conspiring against my productivity.

But there isn’t really anything specifically that I could think of that is contributing to these feelings. For the most part i’m pretty healthy, work has been great, it’s been 75 degrees for the past week, and I don’t have a girlfriend to yell at me for anything i’m doing wrong. It just doesn’t make any sense right?

So today I did what I always do in my moments of crisis when i’m left without a clue…..

I gave my mother a call. There is nothing Verna Mae Marshall cannot solve. Or at least that’s what she’s convinced me of for the last 22 years.

I will skip all of the unnecessary details, and get right down to the good parts of our conversation. Basically she asked me what I had been up to lately, and I responded with letting her know that I was busy as usual. Exercising, working, going out with friends, enjoying the sun, and all of my other daily activities. Then she asked me something that I really wasn’t expecting, she said “Well, have you been resting lately?”  And of course, me being the smart assed, left-brained Virgo that I am, I replied with an “of course mom, I sleep everyday, duh.” But that wasn’t what she meant. And as the amazing, sensitive, and caring woman that she is, she clarified by saying “No assy (my mother’s favorite nickname for me),  have you been taking time for yourself? Making sure to sleep ENOUGH? Ya know, chillin’ (my mother also loves to use slang)?

That totally took me by surprise. I had never really given that very much thought before. The fact that I might need a little break every now and then. As an extreme extrovert I am the type of person that very much enjoys constant stimulus and activity. That’s when I am at my happiest and most content. So taking time to “rest” or just taking time to be by myself and just have a day in isn’t really on my radar. Nor does it sound particularly appealing.

So as usual, I left the conversation thanking my mother (or as I like to call her, the supreme guru lady of all wisdom and practical knowledge) and with a few thoughts to ponder. And ponder I did. After awhile, and the more I thought about it, the clearer and clearer a solution to my little dilemma became.

Sometimes it’s okay to not feel 100% and be a little bit out of it.

In fact, that’s just your body being smart. Our sometimes less than intelligent minds are  always busy trying to come up with all of these things that need to be done, feelings to project, and all other kinds of nonsense. Meanwhile, your body is just trying to get you to take a breather, and recharge your batteries. After awhile, and constantly just going, going, going, we tend to wear ourselves out.

I read once that horses, dogs, and humans are the only species on the planet that will run, LITERALLY, until they die. As in, doing a thing, is more important to us people than being alive enough to continue doing any other things ever again. Craziness.

So to everyone out there, if you’re  just having “one of those days”, don’t convince yourself into falling into a deep depression, or check your local yellow pages for practicing psychotherapists. Just know that your body is trying to tell you to calm down. Take the time out to take a day in. Read a book, watch the entire season of “Orange Is The New Black”, or even take a sweet nap. The main thing is just that you calm that ever working mind of yours and work on actively resting. Active rest is just taking the time to make sure that you’re not stressing or worrying about being “productive” or “getting things done.” You are purposefully minimizing your physical and cognitive effort in an attempt to regain the energy you’ve been expending too much of.

Don’t freak out just because you don’t want to do anything every once and awhile. I already did enough freaking out for the both of us.

Trust me.

Furthermore, I am going to take my own advice, lay out on my patio, crack open a beer, and work on my tan.  The only thing on my mind is going to be focusing on not focusing on anything. I suggest you all do the same. And in case any of you didn’t know, I am black, pretty permanently tan, and that was a joke. Cheers.

Kenneth D.W Marshall

Loves long walks on the beach!
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