You’ve Got It All Wrong, Monday’s Aren’t The Worst

You’ve Got It All Wrong, Monday’s Aren’t The Worst

You heard me.

I don’t mind Monday one bit. In my opinion, he’s a pretty stand-up guy.

I’m assuming you don’t like this day because it is the end to your oh-so-precious weekend where you struggled to forget what went on in your life or at work the previous week. That is a mentality that I understand, but think is fundamentally misguided.

The issue doesn’t originate with the particular day itself, it’s actually an issue of the kind of mentality you have about your life and the fact that you have, or are continually structuring it in a way that is displeasing and dissatisfying for you. If that is the case, then it’s  going to be difficult to enjoy any day because you’ve developed a defeated attitude and aren’t putting yourself in situations that feed your soul.

It all starts and ends with a choice.

Your choice to do things that you enjoy, that challenge you and make a difference. As well as the decision to have an unshakeable mentality to make the best out of any and every situation. It is all about your perception of the world around you and your attitude towards it.

That’s what shapes your existence.

Let me get you started. Here are some awesome things about my buddy Monday.

Why Monday Is The Real MVP

1. Fresh Start

Every seven days you get a clean slate and a fresh perspective after your break from work for a few days. You’ve likely had time to reflect, get some fresh air, and recollect your thoughts. Monday is the beginning of another productive and exciting new week. Look forward to your soon to be upcoming accomplishments and leave last week’s mistakes behind.

2. Perfect For Organizing A New Journey

You’ve hit the reset button. You’re ready to start your new diet, or impress your supervisor with a new project, start taking music lessons, etc.

Using the beginning of the week to plan for future events provides a great structure not only for calendar days, but in your mind as well.  The rest of the week hasn’t happened yet and you’ve got nothing but clear water ahead of you.

Take the time to think “what can I use this new week for going forward to better myself.” Then plan for success. You’ve got 7 whole days!

3. You Get The Opportunity To Make More Money

Money is nice. There is so much you can do with it.

4. Oh Look, You’re Still Alive

Not being dead, and making it through another week of your life alive is more than enough reason to celebrate. There are millions of unfortunate human beings who can’t say the same. Learn to appreciate every moment.

Takeaway + Challenge

Monday’s, like any other day, are just a name given to that day so it can be commonly referred to.

It doesn’t have to be bad or miserable. You are in complete control of what you do with your time, how you think, and how you react to any situation. So stop complaining about things, and start finding solutions or ways to enjoy the situations.

In order to help this principle sink in, here’s a challenge for you:

  • Whenever you hear someone complain about Monday at work, offer them encouragement about the day
  • On a Monday, write down 3 major things you’re going to accomplish that would make you feel good
  • Count the number of times you negatively think about or complain about Monday, and work on cutting that out.

You got this.

Ken Marshall

Kenneth has a passion for web/digital marketing, stereotypical long walks on the beach, and creating great content. He is passionate about life, people, and the pursuit of happiness.

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