Monday Blues Got You Down?

Monday Blues Got You Down?

Sometimes, Mondays are the worst

I know…I know. Even saying the word makes me cringe a little.

Mondays mean going back to work, school, and “real life”. You’ve got to wake up early, actually put on pants, and use your brain again. Thanks Monday.

Monday is that one friend you have that wants you to do community service with it on your one day off. Monday is that annoying little “fasten your seat belt” siren in your 96′ civic hatch that won’t shut up even though you’re going to put on your belt eventually (probably). Monday is your mom, nagging you to make your bed everyday, even though you’re going to be back at 3 pm to take a glorious nap and mess it up again. Monday is the worst right?

Ever since Mrs. Hiegl gave me my first gold star back in 1st grade for our days of the week test, I’ve known what a menace this seemingly dreadful day can be.


What if I told you that Monday isn’t a huge D**k? What if I told you that Monday’s are a REALLY GOOD THING.

See, what we don’t always realize is that Monday has been trying to help us out all along. It was encouraging us to do community service because there is great benefit to having a selfless attitude. Taking time out of our busy lives to create better situations for others and offering encouragement and positivity back into society is important.

When Monday was telling us to put our seat belt on, it wasn’t just doing that to be controlling or micro manage us, it was giving us a wake up call. A reminder to keep a high level of consciousness. Sometimes we just tend to go through our motions, especially at the beginning of our week, and we might not make decisions that are ultimately going to benefit us in the end. Nobody wants to go through their window shield  just for a little bit of extra comfort.

And even though it might not make sense at the time, when Monday was “nagging” at you to fix your bed, it really didn’t have anything to do with the arrangement of some sheets on a piece of furniture. “Making your bed” was really just some karate kid, Mr. Miyagi type exercise to teach you responsibility. Getting into a routine and forming positive habits of any kind can also increase productivity in a major way and give you a sense of accomplishment early on that will carry on throughout the rest of your day, and even your week.

We just tend to see all of those things as bad or intolerable initially, because they aren’t convenient for us at the time. People want to do what they want to do, when they want to do it. Instead, Monday has just been trying to show us that sometimes we should do what needs to be done, because it’s good for us in the long run.

It’s all about perspective as well. Most people see Monday as being the end of their fun, or their careless weekend coming to close, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead it could be thought of as a fresh start. Say you didn’t get the amount of exercise you planned on the week before, or get to that business report that’s been sitting at the bottom of your desk for three days. Maybe you’ve been putting off telling your barista at the coffee shop you think she’s cute and asking her out ever since she saw you spill coffee on yourself. But as of today, all of that is in the past. For more or less, you have a blank slate, and a free pass to re shape your life situations for the better. Mondays can be the bridge to having a short memory and allowing yourself to move on to greater things if you think about them that way.

Mondays also let us know that we’ve been alive and well for another whole week. That in and of itself is something to be super thankful for. They remind us that we do have time, we can work steadily towards things, and even that we have some room for error.

So stop complaining, put on some pants, grab that cup of coffee, and make the most out of your tiny new beginning. We should all start celebrating these amazing new and fresh starts every week. Or Mondays as we like to call them. [=

Kenneth D.W Marshall

Loves long walks on the beach!
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