10 Simple Ways To Overcome Being Unmotivated

10 Simple Ways To Overcome Being Unmotivated

Motivation is what all of us are looking for.

We need it to get started on the new job, not to quit it, and to succeed eventually. Many people think that motivation is overestimated today.

They believe that if you really have to do something, you’ll do it no matter if you are motivated or not. They may be right, but you will be more productive fulfilling your responsibilities if you feel more inspired and motivated. Besides, you’ll do it much quicker if it is a part of a big goal.

Sometimes, when you’re out of motivation, you need to use the tips below to regain your strength. So use them.

  1. Stop Feeling Pity for Yourself

This is one of the main reasons for motivation loss of any kind. It is possible that you simply don’t understand why this task has become your responsibility.

Maybe you feel that you work more than anybody else. Or maybe you’re just not feeling well. One of the most ridiculous examples of motivation loss is when people who try to lose weight feel pity for themselves and start overeating because of it.

In any case, you should try to get rid of the self-pity, even when the task in question becomes challenging. Trust it or not, you will feel even worse if you fail to complete your goals on time.

  1. Stop Feeling Guilty

A lot of people still suffer from severe perfectionism. They want their work to be flawless.

One of the reasons behind this phenomenon is that people feel so guilty that they can’t cope with tasks. A student trying to write a perfect paper feels that they are not talented enough. A housewife trying to make her home shine like a diamond feels that she could have done more.

Some people don’t feel guilty because of perfectionism themselves. They make others feel the guilt. Keep that in mind if your boss does so.

Even if you are guilty, don’t focus all your thoughts on that because you won’t be able to go on.

  1. Write down What Has Already Been Done

You may feel that you’ve done nothing. But it is not necessarily true.

On the one hand, you’ve done nothing concerning the job, but daily routines and other projects may be equally important. If you really think you’ve spent the whole day doing something, but now you have no results, try to write down every step you take.

It may be such small things like ‘washed dishes’ and ‘made breakfast’. Eventually, the list will include big achievements, like ‘finished the project’. And you’ll see that your perception of what you’ve done is very underestimating.

  1. Praise Yourself

After you’ve understood that you don’t just do nothing all day long, it is time to praise yourself.

For each little thing, and especially for those concerning the project. But before that, you have to break your task into small pieces. Remember that a person needs several small achievements each day. They are even more important than one big success.

So, don’t forget to note every success, no matter how small.

  1. Keep Thinking of Your Goals

Many people think they have to remember why they have to do what they are doing, but in practice, it doesn’t always work.

Sometimes, we work hard for all the wrong reasons. Sometimes, we simply cannot see our personal goal in a work done. Find what matters for you personally, write it down, and make it your ultimate goal. Never stop thinking about it.

On the other hand, such milestones shouldn’t be too general. If your primary goal is to be happy, for example, find a couple of things that will make you happy and work on them.

  1. Don’t Think of What Others Say

Other people can influence your motivation. It is interesting that usually, they don’t.

It is you who are responsible for staying motivated. If you pay too much attention to what others say or (what is much worse!) what they might say about you, you’ll never feel confident enough.

  1. Find Something Bright in Each Day

When you are overloaded with daily routines and duties, it may be quite hard to remember whether there has been anything good in your day.

But the day is never going to be repeated, and you can certainly find something to remember it for. It will remind you that you are living for today. This moment is what matters.

People living for the future lose their motivation very quickly. They just understand that the future they are waiting for so much never comes. Next day is TODAY again. What you can do is take a small notebook and scribble what has made your day. Or just think about it.

Remember to feel thankful.

  1. Enjoy the Process

There are only few people who feel as if they do what they want to. There are even less people who love their job.

Even the most fulfilling job can be overwhelming from time to time. No matter what you want to do, you should enjoy the process of getting there.

Want to earn money? Diversify your working process.

Want to be fit? Find the proper exercise that you really like doing.

Want to get good grades? Enjoy your studies.

It may sound impossible, but it’s not. There are plenty of ways to make achieving one’s goals less tiresome and more fascinating.

  1. Sleep

Sound, healthy sleep is one of the most important things in our life.

It doesn’t mean sleeping long. It is much healthier to go to bed quite early and wake up early, too. In this case, you’ll rest better in less time.

There shouldn’t be any disturbing factors not only when you’re sleeping, but a couple of hours before that as well. Try not to use gadgets before you go to bed. Read a book or a magazine, listen to relaxing music, but avoid TV. It is not only about the things you watch but also about physical aspects.

Your body needs to get prepared for sleeping. Otherwise, you’ll feel broken in the morning and you will hardly get your motivation back.

  1. Eat Right

Your level of energy is vital for your motivation. Energy is food, and food can be different. So, the level of energy varies, too.

Healthy nutrition is more than just eating healthy products. There should be about 5-6 meals a day. Eat less, but regularly. If it’s difficult for you, make a schedule.

Even if you don’t feel hungry, it doesn’t mean that your body has enough energy. Don’t forget to drink enough. Various experts suggest tea and coffee, for example, others don’t. But any expert will tell you that clear water is the healthiest drink.

A person who has to work many hours in a row often gets dehydrated. Dehydration causes not only fatigue and, consequently, motivation loss, but also serious health problems in the future.

There are almost no people, who feel motivated all the time.

Stress, bad nutrition, and not understanding why on earth you have to keep on trying can make all your previous efforts diminish to nothing. Motivation is like a glass of water. It has to be filled on the daily basis. Our tips on how to overcome your loss of motivation will help you not to forget why you need to start acting right now.

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