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What We Do Here At The Blogging Millennial

This blog exists to give a voice and offer refuge for Millennials and Gen Y sympathizers alike.

Our content is informative, thought provoking, and written from an honest and unique style that varies with each writer. Different points of view are one of the things that makes life so interesting and it’s something that’s encouraged here in a big way.

We focus on providing the best articles in the following four main areas:

Career Advice

Most Millennials are up and coming young professionals who have either recently finished their education, are still in school, or have been in the workforce for a good amount of time and are still looking for future opportunities.

We look to offer tips on how to conduct yourself in the workplace, how to get jobs, networking, which jobs and industries are worth going into, and related topics.

The point is to empower our readers with actionable pieces of content that contain information they can actually use in a way that is easily digestible.

Web/Technology Related News and Tips

The world of digital is vast and always changing. One of the purposes of this blog is to cover recent developments in technology, web marketing, social media, and more. But other than simply bore our readership to death with over technical jargon and specifications, we break everything down into easily readable concepts and write in a voice that anyone can enjoy.

If you’re wondering how social media affects the brain, what the heck SEO is, or what a snapchat geofilter does, this blog is the place to get that kind of information.

Lifestyle Pieces

Sometimes life gets a little hectic and we all know how difficult adulting is.

So whether it’s an article about how to stay motivated, the latest on Pokemon Go, or dating advice for twenty somethings, this blog looks to entertain, inspire, and shed a little light into the mysteries of the Me Generation’s daily dealings.

General Millennial Stuff

Millennials are a pretty diverse group. They can be just as intrigued by the latest iOS software update, as they are about a top 25 list of the best Nickelodeon shows from the 90s.

The goal for us here at The Blogging Millennial is to stay current with these trends and get to the heart of Millennial culture and what makes them tick. We truly want to connect with our audience and offer them a resource that cares about the same things they do.

Why You Should Write For us

Ah yes, the perks.

If you would be interesting in writing for our blog, here’s what you get out of the deal:

  • Two DoFollow backlinks of your choosing in the body of the article
  • Social media profiles linked to on bio page
  • Your very own custom profile that stays on the site forever
  • A great experience and work to include in a personal portfolio or to further your writing career

How To Apply And Contribute

If all of our ranting and benefits have left you with significant interest, here’s what you need to do to get an article featured on our blog:

  • Email (using the contact form) with a pitch of 2 ideas
  • Original content only
  • How the idea will connect with one of our focuses (lifestyle, career, marketing, or general millennial things)
  • Link to personal website or past writing samples (or a very convincing explanation of why you’re passionate about writing)
  • Wow Us

P.s, all material submitted to The Blogging Millennial by any guest author becomes the sole property of our blog as soon as it’s submitted.

Good luck!

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